Our Vision, Mission, Values

What is our Vision?

To actualize a contemplative scientific community and culture.

What is our Mission?

To co-create and cultivate a contemplative scientific collaboration (CSC) rooted in …

  • dedicated contemplative practice,
  • rigorous scientific practice,
  • collaborative „coopetition“,
  • skillful community-building,
  • shared values and intentions,
  • in the service of wholeness
  1. „Walk the talk“ by embodying the proposed contemplative, scientific, community-based, collaborative practices, processes, principles, and values, thus co-evolving the CSC project further.
  2. Establish research centers (e.g. living labs) and networks that are based on the CSC values and commitments, and in which co-researchers, practitioners, visitors etc. participate as whole human beings and explore novel ways of deep collaboration.
  3. Move science and society beyond cultural and habitual myths of separation, scarcity and overdrive competition, towards wholeness, abundance, and interdependence. 

What are our Values?

We aspire – and also invite you – to “walk the talk” together by embodying and cultivating these core values:

  1. Integrity, authenticity, and diligence 
  2. Skillful listening and communicating 
  3. Compassionate and caring engagement
  4. Pre-emptive generosity, kindness, and trust
  5. Humility, not-knowing, respect, and patience
  6. Integrated cooperation, inclusivity, and perspective-taking
  7. Presence, awareness, and equanimity
  8. Co-creativity and co-evolution

With this intention, we strive towards actualizing a contemplative scientific collaboration, community and culture that is interdisciplinary, integrative, inclusive, participatory, open, transparent, compassionate, caring, listening, heart-based, alive, engaged, in humble inquiry, and in service of the highest good.

What are our Goals and Objectives?

Immediate Goals and Objectives:

  • Identify an „entrepreneurial partner“ who resonates with the vision and mission to develop the CSC (and ideally is a contemplative practitioner). 
  • Host/co-facilitate participatory workshops, conferences, and networking meetings, to embody and evolve the CSC vision and mission through a process-oriented collaboration – in a spirit of generosity and curiosity that is rooted in epistemic and intellectual humility. 

Next steps:

  • Create safe and empowering spaces for scientists and practitioners to explore „the unknown“ and discover what really matters, what really is in the service of the whole, and how to collaborate toward accomplishing their emerging goals. 
  • Disseminate materials to share the emerging vision and its „minimal replicable seed“ across multi-media outlets. 
  • Generate abundance in both resources/funding and buy-in from participants, stakeholders and the general public. 
  • Create training programs for prospective CSCers on individual, group, and organizational levels.  
  • Actualize the first CSC model for collaboration and meta-collaboration. 
  • Discover and invite like-heart-minded organizations to engage in a collaborative partnership. 
  • Create novel „beyond-scarcity“ business models for science and society in multiple contexts (groups, institutions, fields, science in general) based on the core CSC principles – being open, participatory, integrative, heart-based, compassionate, and contemplative.