Our Materials


Poster at ESRI 2021 (European Summer Research Institute) – available upon request

Talk (Slides) at APA Convention 2021 (as part of a symposium on “Recognizing and Enhancing Enactive Awareness in Science, Research, and Academia”) – available upon request

Talk (Slides) at ICM 2021 (International Conference on Mindfulness) – available upon request

Poster and short video at the 2021 Mind & Life Summer Research Institute (SRI)

Poster at the Open Innovation in Science (OIS) Research Conference 2021

Talk (Slides) and Poster at CRC 2020 (Contemplative Research Conference)

Poster and Handout at ESRI 2020 (European Summer Research Institute – by Mind & Life Europe)

Poster and Handout at CSS 2019 (Contemplative Science Symposium)

Talk + discussion at University of Graz: Contemplative Collaboration: A vision for a mindful academic culture (June 4th, 2019)

Manifesto draft: Contemplative Scientific Collaboration: An Invitation (current version: 0.67 – last updated: June 23rd, 2019)

Poster at ISCR 2018 (International Symposium for Contemplative Research)

Poster at ESRI 2017 (European Summer Research Institute – by Mind & Life Europe) – available upon request

Poster at ESRI 2016 (European Summer Research Institute)

Talk (Slides) at ISCS 2016 (International Symposium for Contemplative Studies) – available upon request

Publications (co-authored)

Preprint: Beyond kindness: a proposal for the flourishing of science and scientists (Flourishing Science Think Tank). Submitted (2022).

Paper: Experimenting with Open Innovation in Science (OIS) practices: A novel approach to co-developing research proposals (Beck, S. et al.). CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation 5(2), 28–49 (2021).

Paper: The Open Innovation in Science research field: a collaborative conceptualisation approach (Beck S et al.). Industry and Innovation (2020).



Article: Making change happen (Lancaster A, Mietchen D, Taylor G, Virapongse A). Medium article (2022).

Article: Our shared values as scholars (Lancaster A, Mietchen D, Taylor G, Virapongse A). Medium article (2022).

Article: What are harmful systems in scholarship? (Lancaster A, Mietchen D, Taylor G, Virapongse A). Medium article (2021).

Paper: Aspiring to greater intellectual humility in science (Hoekstra R, Vazire S). Nature Human Behavior 5, 1602–1607 (2021). and preprint

Paper: The Multi-hub Academic Conference: Global, Inclusive, Culturally Diverse, Creative, Sustainable (Parncutt R, Lindborg P, Meyer-Kahlen N, Timmers R). Front. Res. Metr. Anal. 6:699782 (2021).

Paper: From What Is to What If to Let’s Try: a Treasure-Box for the Playful Academic (Lübbert A, Heimann K, Gonzàlez-Fernàndez P). The Journal of Play in Adulthood 3(1), 52-70 (2021).

Article: A year after lockdowns began, has research got any kinder? (Derrick G). Nature Career Column (2021). June 2021.

Report: An Analysis of Open Science Policies in Europe, v7 (Sveinsdottir T, Davidson J, Proudman, V). Zenodo (2021).

Book: The Turing Way: A handbook for reproducible, ethical and collaborative research (The Turing Way Community). Zenodo (2021).

Preprint: Open Research: Examples of good practice, and resources across disciplines (Farran EK, Silverstein P, Ameen AA, Misheva I, Gilmore C). OSF Preprints (2020).

Book: Open Scientist Handbook (Caron BR). Open Scientist Handbook (2020). November 2020.

Paper: The transformative power of values-enacted scholarship (Agate, N., Kennison, R., Konkiel, S. et al.). Humanit Soc Sci Commun 7, 165 (2020).

Paper: Core design principles for nurturing organization-level selection (Wilson DS et al.). Sci Rep 10, 13989 (2020).

Paper: Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times (Bristow J, Bell R). The Mindfulness Intitiative (2020). November 2020.

Article: Mental Health in Academia: Shedding light on those who provide support (Loissel E). eLife 2020;9:e64739 (2020). November 2020. Part of collection: Mental Health in Academia.

Article: Postdoc survey reveals disenchantment with working life (Woolston C). Nature Career Feature (2020). November 2020.

Article: Four ways to fight science-funding cuts across Europe (Cahill B, Masia M). Nature Career Column (2020). November 2020.

Article: How universities are crushing academics (Trakakis NN). ABC Religion & Ethics (2020). September 2020.

Initiative: Lindau Guidelines 2020 (Blackburn E et al.). June 2020.

Editorial: A kinder research culture is possible. Nature 574, 5–6 (2019). October 2019.

Collection: Publish or perish for PhD students?. Nature Human Behavior 3(10) (2019). October 2019.

Special Issue: Mindfulness. Current Opinion in Psychology 28 (2019). August 2019.

Article: The academy I dreamed of for 20 years no longer exists, and I am waking up (Ellen Kirkpatrick). Times Higher Education (2019). May 2019.

Conference report: Research culture: changing expectations. The Royal Society (2019).

Initiative: Changing expectations. The Royal Society.

Collection: Research culture: Collaboration collections. The Royal Society (2018).

Editorial: The cooperative human. Nature Human Behavior 2(7), 427–428 (2018). July 2018.

Collection: Focus on cooperation. Articles from Nature Human Behaviour and Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Paper: A new paradigm for the scientific enterprise: nurturing the ecosystem (Lancaster AK, Thessen AE and Virapongse A). F1000Research 2018, 7:803. June 2018.

Essay: ‘New academia’ — a safe harbour for researchers who love science (Willén R). Medium article by Dr. Rebecca Willén, founder of IGDORE (2018).

Paper: Mind the Hype: A Critical Evaluation and Prescriptive Agenda for Research on Mindfulness and Meditation (Van Dam NT, van Vugt MK, Vago DR et al.). Perspectives on Psychological Science 13(1), 36–61 (2018).

Paper response: Outstanding Challenges in Scientific Research on Mindfulness and Meditation (Davidson RJ, Dahl CJ). Perspectives on Psychological Science 13(1), 62–65 (2018).

Paper response: Reiterated Concerns and Further Challenges for Mindfulness and Meditation Research: A Reply to Davidson and Dahl (Van Dam NT, van Vugt MK, Vago DR et al.). Perspectives on Psychological Science 13(1), 66–69 (2018).

Paper: Defining Contemplative Science: The Metacognitive Self-Regulatory Capacity of the Mind, Context of Meditation Practice and Modes of Existential Awareness (Dorjee D). Frontiers in psychology 7, 1788 (2016).

Paper: Investigating the phenomenological matrix of mindfulness-related practices from a neurocognitive perspective (Lutz A, Jha AP, Dunne JD, Saron CD). Am Psychol 70(7), 632–658 (2015).

Paper: The culture of scientific research (Joynson C, Leyser O). F1000Res 4, 66 (2015).

Book: Collisions and Collaboration: The Organization of Learning in the ATLAS Experiment at the LHC (Boisot M, Nordberg M, Yami S, Nicquevert B). Oxford University Press (2011).


CERN and the ATLAS Experiment

Open Innovation in Science (OIS) Center

Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE) and Ronin Institute

Humane Metrics Initiative (HuMetricsHSS)

Humane Humanities

Reimagine Science

International Society for Contemplative Research

Mind & Life Institute and Mind & Life Europe

Mindfulness Research Collaborative

Center for Contemplative Mind in Society (CMind) and the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education (ACMHE)

Contemplative Life

Prosocial World

Future of Work and Organizational Psychology (FOWOP)

ISCR 2023 (International Society for Contemplative Research)

OIS 2022 (Open Innovation in Science)

OIS 2021 (Open Innovation in Science)

CRC 2020 (Contemplative Research Conference)

CSS 2019 (Contemplative Science Symposium)

OIS 2019 (Open Innovation in Science)

ISCR 2018 (International Symposium for Contemplative Research)

ISCS 2016 (International Symposium for Contemplative Studies)

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