Mindful Researchers

The “Mindful Researchers” initiative emerged in August 2020, by a collaboration of participants in the ESRI 2020 hosted by Mind & Life Europe. We are an independent grassroots community based on a shared intention –

to explore how our professional and research life can be integrated with our contemplative life, in all its possible meanings.

Being aware that this is a difficult path to follow within traditional academia, we aim to offer support to each other, to hold this inquiry as a living question and to put it into practice together. 

We aim to cultivate a space of collective inquiry, a ‘living lab’ supporting the emergence of a new generation of researchers who pursue innovative and rigorous scientific/academic work rooted in genuine embodied, situated, contemplative practice.

In this way, we also intend to support and foster a beneficial transformation towards a more compassionate, generous, kind, collaborative, ethical academic culture.

Who are we?

The “Mindful Researchers” are mostly young or early-stage professionals, largely but not exclusively academics, who wish to live and work in an environment that welcomes our passionate interests and supports our preference for contemplative / phenomenological, participatory and exploratory approaches.

We envision collaborative ways of science which emphasise co-created projects, including the process of discovering what (research) questions we consider as most important to address.

For further details, please visit our new website: